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The New Jersey Art Therapy Association could not be as strong as it is today without the efforts of these individuals who led and developed the chapter over the years.

Past NJATA Presidents:

1992-1997: Bonnie A. Berkowitz

1998-2000: Susan Lennon-Godwin

2001-2005: Cindy Lou Nelson

2006-2010: Maryellen McAlevey

2011-2012: Rita Klatchkin

2013-2014: Laura Salley

2015-2016: Pamela Ullman

2017-2018: Suzanne Deisher

2019-2020: Beth VanDusen

2021-2022: Suzanne DuFour

2023-Present: Dr. Traci Bitondo

Honorary Life Members:

Dr. Marie Wilson

Laura Greenstone

Bonnie Berkowitz (2002)

Susan Lennon-Godwin (2007)

Cindy Lou Nelson (2008)

Maryellen McAlevey (2011)

Rita Klachkin (2012)

Laura Salley (2015)

Suzanne Deisher (2018)

Dr. Annette Vaccaro (2019)

Beth VanDusen (2020)

Suzanne DeFour (2023)

Distinguished Service Award:

Ali Karamanol

Bonnie Berkowitz (2002)

Susan Berkowitz (2002/ 2008)

Distinguished Volunteer Service Award:

Carrie Tamutus (2023)

Distinguished Clinician Award:

Cindy Concannon (2023)

Barbara Atwood (2023)

Leadership Award:

Rita Klatchkin (2023)

Mary Gambarony (2023)

Distinguished Educator Award:

Lisa Thomas (2023)

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