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Caldwell University, located in Caldwell, NJ, offers New Jersey’s first and only graduate program in Art Therapy. Caldwell offers two ways to study art therapy at the graduate level:

The Master’s in Mental Health Counseling with Art Therapy Specialization is a uniquely designed interdisciplinary program that prepares students to effectively function as mental heath counselors and art therapists in a variety of human service settings. This program is approved by the American Art Therapy Association and the New Jersey Professional Counselor Examiners Committee and meets educational requirements for registration as an art therapist (ATR) and Licensed Professional Counselor. The 36-credit Post-Graduate Master’s in Art Therapy is intended for professionals who already hold an M.A. in Counseling or a related mental health field and who are interested in pursuing a career in art therapy. Graduate art therapy courses fulfill the educational requirements for registration as an Art Therapist with an additional 1500 hours of supervised clinical work in art therapy to qualify. In addition, for undergraduates interested in a later career in art therapy, the University offers a double major in art and psychology with an art therapy concentration. Highly qualified undergraduates may pursue their M.A. in

Counseling in an accelerated manner through the combined B.A./M.A. degree program which allows up to 12 credits to be “double-counted.”

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For a list of graduate programs outside of New Jersey, please visit the American Art Therapy Association:

Art Therapy Masters Program

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